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NEMT Services: Your Convenient Way of Travelling

Using public transportation is the most convenient option for seniors who do not own a private vehicle. Unfortunately, not everyone can enjoy it because it may be quite a bother, particularly for people who are prone to illnesses or who already have medical difficulties, such as seniors and persons with specific disabilities. Trips is a […]

Ways to Improve the Quality of Life for Senior Citizens

Seniors, particularly those with impairments, require resources that promote the highest possible quality of life. However, with so much going on in the world today, older folks have less available aid from their families and friends. Throughout their lives, older adults have experienced many ups and downs. Now is the time to express feelings, reconnect […]

Common Transportation Problems That Seniors Face

American is known as the land of the open road. Since America is more focused on highway stems, busses and cars are considered as the main transportation. Many people benefit from these busy highways and byways; however, this can be dangerous to our senior loved ones. The competition of high-speed driving of cars on the […]

Why You Should Choose Us as Your NEMT Provider

Out of the many providers of Medical transportation for UCLA, why you should choose Trips? There is one thing that definitely makes us stand out compared to the rest, and that is we have our own app called Trips Medical Transportation App – it is a pay per trip service that also provides Non-emergency Medical […]

When Do You Need NEMT Services?

Many people encounter medical conditions in their lifetime. Our health is not always protected. And we can always contract diseases and disabilities throughout our lifetime. Of course, we want people to have access to the best gurney services in Los Angeles, California. Despite their utility, many people still hesitate to avail of NEMT services. This […]

What Should Your NEMT Vehicle Have?

As humans, we are bound to have medical emergencies. These are things that can be hard to avoid. Some even need ambulance transportation just to get the proper care they need. With that, people often turn to NEMT services to make sure they have a safe ride to their destinations. Of course, we want our […]