Why You Should Choose Us as Your NEMT Provider


Out of the many providers of Medical transportation for UCLA, why you should choose Trips?

There is one thing that definitely makes us stand out compared to the rest, and that is we have our own app called Trips Medical Transportation App – it is a pay per trip service that also provides Non-emergency Medical Transportation for Wheelchair in Los Angeles California which all payments are processed inside our app, simple and secure and are being released 2 days after the transport has been fulfilled.

With us, you can assure flexible, profitable, and revolutionary Gurney Services in Los Angeles California! So if you have senior loved ones who need a transportation service to help them go to certain places, especially if they have medical appointments or a monthly check-up with their physician, then booking an appointment in our app should be the first thing that you should do!

Wheelchairs, walking canes, and other mobility aids shouldn’t be a hindrance for your loved ones to not experience comfortable and hassle-free travel. We have a spacious Gurney Van in California that can accommodate your loved ones’ wheelchair and other mobility aid devices. Once you book an appointment for them in our app, you don’t have to worry about anything else. We will make sure that your loved ones will experience the most comfortable and best ride for them.