TRIPS: Fast, Reliable & Affordable
Medical Transportation!

TRIPS is a powerful new mobile app for your non-emergency medical transportation needs. We match you with medical transportation providers in a quick, transparent and reliable way.

Travel to, or from, your medical appointments with the perfect companion.  

How it works:

1. Schedule a Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle or a Gurney Van (Ambulette) for now or anytime in the near future. See how much it will cost before confirming the order.

2. Get the confirmation and know exactly when the driver is on his way and when he's outside, ready to pick you up. Follow him on a map and communicate with him inside the app if necessary.

3. Payment is handled from your credit card at the end of the ride, depending on miles and time travelled. Easily review the trip and give a rating to your medical transportation team.
Medical Transportation On-demand
Anytime and anywhere you need it, with a simple and intuitive interface.
Simple Maps and GPS technology
It's never been simpler to choose where you are and where you're going. Our GPS technology and intuitive maps make it very simple to select your trip.
Wheelchair friendly
We provide Gurney Vans and Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles for all your non-emergency medical transportation.
Getting to your doctor on time
Our mission is to revolutionise medical transportation, making it much easier to schedule and be transported to or from your doctor appointment. 
" Our mission is to greatly improve and disrupt medical transportation, benefiting both the patient and the transportation providers. "
–  Trips Company

Try the TRIPS app now.

It is available on both iPhone and Android, it is FREE and it's amazingly easy to schedule a ride.
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